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Small changes lead to major results with Honne


bring your body into balance

Honne is based on the philosophy of continuous improvement, that small changes will lead to major results.

We are not just another pretty supplement brand marketed for women, but formulated for men.

Nearly 1 in 2 women have a imbalances which adversely effects their overall health. Targeted supplementation used effectively can help put our bodies back into balance.

We create enhanced wellness formulas that bridge the gap between science & female nutrition solutions. 

No more buying multiple powders. We put it all in one super powder.

No more buying multiple powders. We put it all in one super powder.

No more buying multiple powders. We put it all in one super powder.

No more buying multiple powders. We put it all in one super powder.

protein. greens. adaptogens.

We believe one of the easiest and most impactful changes that women can make for metabolic health, is to add a green protein shake in the morning.

We tried many of the plant proteins on the market. None of them delivered clean protein and high quality nutrition that we needed or a targeted blend of ingredients that address the concerns of most women.

That’s why we created our Super Protein- an alkalising, adaptogenic formula to help balance hormones, support digestion, remove waste and put you on track for the day.

Super protein. Super woman.

Certified organic, fermented vegan protein from sprouted peas and rice. One serving = protein in 2.5 eggs.

Nopal cactus for metabolic support. Naturally sweetened with monkfruit - a non sugar sweetener and has no impact on blood sugar.

Adaptogenic mushroom blend, liver support blend, maca root and Vitamin B for hormonal support.

Organic green banana resistant starch as natural prebiotic fiber + barley grass, alfalfa grass and wheatgrass.

Adaptogenic mushrooms + organic herb blend for adrenal support.

Alkalising, antioxidant-rich organic Super Greens Blend + rosehip for added Vitamin C.

Shake up what you know about protein and live empowered by claiming back your health naturally. With fermented plant protein, adaptogens, herbs, supergreens and more, our formulas are packed full of powerful ingredients and designed specifically for women.

Curious to learn how our formulas can support your health journey? Download our free guide.

Ingredient guide

our biophotonic uv miron glass jars

Ensures the potency of the ingredients. Ensures the taste is maintained. Allows for the full storage life of your formula. Maintains the energetics of the herbs. Looks beautiful on your kitchen bench and can be refilled with our recyclable eco-pouch refills.

How our hormones affect our health

Ever wondered if you burn more calories on your period? Why your stomach is super sensitive a few days of the month? Or why you get a cold more easily at certain times? Honne helps you hack your cycle and optimise your health.


6 starter smoothies you need now

Tired of your usual go-to recipe? Or looking to get started in the smoothie world? Try our Honne signature blends so that you get the perfect dose of nourishment and deliciousness every time.

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A protein smoothie a day can keep hormone imbalance at bay.

One of easiest and most impactful changes that women can make each day for their  hormones and metabolic health is a protein shake. Learn why adding the correct protein to your routine makes all the difference.