A protein smoothie a day can keep hormonal imbalance at bay!

One of easiest and most impactful changes that women can make each day for their  hormones and metabolic health is a protein shake. But not all protein is created equal!

When it comes to hormonal balancing, certain protein sources serve us better than others. Eating protein fuels your body with amino acids and enzymes- the building blocks for almost every bodily function (pretty much nothing happens without them). 

They are essential to produce specific hormones, like estrogen, insulin, and thyroid hormone (just to name a few). Without protein in our diet our bodies can't create these building blocks for us or the hormones we just mentioned.

But it's important to note that not all protein is created equal. Some
 sources of protein like beef, whey or legumes can actually overstimulate the immune system and create inflammation - and nobody needs that!

Our non dairy and  non-whey, plant-based, superfood protein powder is formulated to supply 16 grams of protein per serving (the same as 2.5 eggs) from an easily digested blend of pea and brown rice – a welcome alternative to more allergenic soy, casein or egg protein making it ideal for vegan and dairy intolerant women. 

A hormonal imbalance can have a huge impact on multiple areas of your health. From your mood, weight management and even the clarity of your skin!

But studies show that carbs, proteins and healthy fats play a huge role in balancing your hormones. So a fully loaded whole food vegan protein shake (like our Green Super Protein) could be the simple addition to your routine you need to start balancing those pesky hormones pronto. 

And we can't forget about our gut either! Your gut microbiota is a key regulator of circulating estrogen in the body.  Choosing the right forms of non inflammatory proteins keeps the delicate balance of our gut microbiome happy. 

By having one green super protein shake each morning (or whenever you like to have it) we set up your digestion for the day, improving elimination which helps us remove buildup particularly of estrogen. 

At Honne we are all about Kaizen - the idea that small changes lead to great results over time, and there are few things more simple and rewarding than adding a protein shake to your routine, especially when it comes to hormone balancing.

Plant protein shakes are your one stop shop to balance your blood sugar,  control insulin response and help keep fat burning hormones turned on - check out our 6 starter recipes here and get shaking for happy hormones!